Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm told if I want to use Bloglovin I'll need to "claim" my blog.  It's really here for me, to keep track of my quilty fun, but if anyone else stumbles by, hello and welcome.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wait! I forgot two more!

I overlooked a couple of my favorites so far...    I'll keep it brief.

First, Block A-1: Pinwheel Gone Awry

This baby had 28 pieces.  Tiny. Little. Pieces.  It took a long time because I made several mistakes along the way, but finally things fell into place and here's our block for the upper left corner.

And finally, the last one in this group, just completed today -  

Block C-12: Family Reunion

Cute, huh?  Lots of tiny little nine-patch squares...   49 pieces

We're up to 216 little pieces.  11 blocks completed out of 269!  

Catching Up...

Looks like I haven't been here in a few weeks.  I'm so far behind on the Dear Jane blocks, but I'm still enjoying every one that does get completed.
Here are a few, hope to have several more this week!

First, block A-5: Cathie's Campfire

This one took a couple of tries.  It's still not perfect but I'm quite happy with it.

Next, block C-1: Trooper Green's Badge

Quick and easy, I like this one. 

C-3: Rayelle's Fence

This one didn't photograph well...  it's not as crooked as it looks, thankfully.

B-3: Mirror Image

I decided to bring in some lighter blues.  I may regret it later, but there are so many beautiful blues out there!  A few lighter ones might brighten things up.

B-2: Sweet Tater Pie

Very similar to Mirror Image...  I'm learning to applique and my stitches need a little work.  No doubt by the time I finish this quilt I will know how to applique.

After I post the next blocks I'll calculate the piece count.  All for now....