Monday, February 18, 2013

Dear Jane

It happened.  I've completely lost my mind!!!  I succumbed to the lure of Dear Jane.  If you're a quilter, you probably know what I'm talking about... and if you're not a quilter, you'll find out over the next months/years as I follow in the footsteps of many quilters before me.
Aaaagggghhh!  I'm starting a Dear Jane Quilt.

Yes I love modern quilts but there was something about the story and the challenge that called to me.  My skills are not up to this project now, but by the time I'm done they will be markedly improved, I'm sure!

So tonight, I started with a small group of quilters, all of whom are more experienced than I,  they will be a wonderful source of tips on working these tiny pieces.  Our fearless leader, Carrie, was very helpful as I tentatively paper-pieced my first Dear Jane block, #A-8 (Florence Nightingale).

Only 168 more to go!  The quilt is made up of a field of small (4.5") squares, 13x13 for a total of 169.  Each square is different, some made up of many tiny pieces.  These center squares are surrounded by a border of intricately pieced triangles and again, each one is different.  The quilt will be assembled using  several techniques - paper piecing, applique, machine piecing, hand piecing...and each will be individually quilted by hand and/or machine.

I'll be writing more about Jane as we go along, so for now I'm simply celebrating my first square.. Our group meets again in a month and I want to have many more finished before then.

Meet square #A-8... aka Florence Nightingale